Why did Itachi join the Akatsuki?

Itachi join the Akatsuki?

Itachi Uchiha, the brooding genius of Naruto, remains a complex and captivating character. His decision to join the notorious criminal organization Akatsuki shrouded him in mystery and painted him as a villain. But what truly motivated this seemingly cold-blooded act? Let's delve into the heartbreaking reasons behind Itachi's choice.

Itachi Uchiha joined Akatsuki for two main reasons:

  1. To spy on them: He acted as a double agent, keeping the village informed of Akatsuki's plans while pretending to be loyal to the organization.
  2. To protect his brother Sasuke: By taking the blame for the Uchiha massacre, Itachi made himself a villain in Sasuke's eyes. This aimed to motivate Sasuke to get strong enough to one day surpass and potentially even kill him, ensuring Sasuke's safety within the village.

Burdened by Duty and Love

Itachi was a prodigy, a natural talent who excelled in the ninja world. Unfortunately, this brilliance came with a heavy burden. He witnessed the horrors of war firsthand and became acutely aware of the simmering tensions within his own clan, the Uchiha. The Uchiha, once a revered group, felt ostracized by the village leadership. Fearing a coup d'├ętat, the village elders suspected the Uchiha of plotting an uprising. Itachi, caught between his loyalty to his clan and his village, found himself in an impossible situation.

A Heartbreaking Decision

Driven by a desperate desire to prevent bloodshed and protect his younger brother, Sasuke, Itachi made a heart-wrenching choice. He agreed to a secret pact with the village leadership: he would slaughter the Uchiha clan in exchange for Sasuke's safety. This agonizing decision painted Itachi as a traitor, a villain who had turned against his own blood.

A Life of Shadows

Joining Akatsuki served a dual purpose. It allowed Itachi to keep an eye on the dangerous organization from within, ensuring they didn't pose a threat to the village. It also reinforced his image as a rogue ninja, further isolating him and protecting Sasuke from suspicion. Itachi lived a life of shadows, burdened by his secret mission and the immense pain of his actions.

Conclusion: A Sacrifice Shrouded in Lies

Itachi's motivations were far from villainous. He was a loving brother, a loyal protector, and a man forced into an impossible situation. His decision to join Akatsuki was a desperate act of selflessness, a sacrifice shrouded in lies to safeguard the village and his precious little brother.


  • Was Itachi a villain?

Itachi's actions are complex. While he committed a terrible act, his motivations stemmed from a desire for peace and to protect his brother.

  • Why didn't Itachi tell Sasuke the truth?

Itachi feared that knowing the truth would corrupt Sasuke and push him down a dark path. He wanted Sasuke to grow strong enough to eventually challenge him and avenge the Uchiha, but not out of hatred.

  • Did anyone know Itachi's true motives?

Only the Third Hokage, the village leader at the time, knew the full truth about Itachi's actions.

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