How much Obito stronger than Sasuke in the Naruto series?

How much Strong Obito Than Sasuke in Naruto?

How much Strong Obito Than Sasuke in Naruto?

Obito Uchiha, the masked antagonist who orchestrated much of the drama in Naruto, remains a fan-favorite character. But what if Obito's ambition wasn't just for a world reshaped – what if he craved the power to surpass his rival, SasukeSasuke? Let's explore hypothetical scenarios where Obito might bridge the gap between his abilities and Sasuke's formidable prowess.

The Sharingan's Untapped Potential

Obito wielded the Sharingan, a powerful eye granting genjutsu mastery and insight into opponents' techniques. However, Sasuke, particularly after acquiring the Rinnegan, possessed a wider range of visual jutsu. Obito could have sought to unlock the Mangekyo Sharingan's even rarer abilities, pushing his ocular prowess beyond its established limits. This hypothetical evolution could have granted him offensive or defensive techniques that rivaled Sasuke's own.

Mastery of the Ten-Tails' Power

During the war, Obito briefly became the Jinchuriki of the Ten-Tails, a god-like entity holding immense chakra reserves. However, his control was imperfect. If Obito had somehow perfected his control over the Ten-Tails' power, he could have achieved a drastic surge in strength and chakra manipulation, potentially surpassing Sasuke's own reserves.

Conclusion: A Hypothetical Climb

While surpassing Sasuke in canon seems unlikely, these scenarios offer a fun thought experiment. Obito's potential for growth resided in unlocking the Sharingan's deeper secrets and achieving true mastery over the Ten-Tails' power. But it's important to remember, that Sasuke's own drive and talent for ninjutsu would have undoubtedly spurred him to even greater heights, making a definitive victory for Obito a formidable challenge.


  • Was Obito weaker than Sasuke in Naruto?
    In the canon story, yes. Sasuke surpassed Obito in terms of overall power and mastery of various jutsu.
  • Could Obito have defeated Sasuke if he had mastered the Ten-Tails?
    It's a possibility! The Ten-Tails' power is immense, and perfect control over it could have shifted the balance significantly.
  • Isn't the Sharingan just a visual jutsu?
    The Sharingan grants powerful genjutsu and the ability to copy techniques.
    However, the Mangekyo Sharingan unlocks even rarer abilities that can vary between Uchiha users.

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