How many episodes are there in Black Clover?

How many episodes are there in Black Clover?

How Many Episodes Does Black Clover Have? Unveiling the Magic Knight's Journey

Black Clover, an action-packed anime filled with determined characters and a captivating magic system, has captivated audiences worldwide. But with its exciting story, you might be curious – just how many episodes are there to devour?

Black Clover's Episode Count: A Grimoire of Magic

Black Clover boasts a total of 170 episodes, spanning across four seasons. The series follows Asta, a young man ostracized for lacking magic in a world where it's everything. Despite this, Asta's unwavering determination and his unlikely anti-magic power fuel his dream of becoming the Wizard King.

A Journey of Growth: Black Clover's Seasons

Here's a quick breakdown of the episode count for each Black Clover season:

  • Season 1 (Episodes 1-51): Introduces Asta, Yuno, and the Black Bulls squad, setting the stage for their magical adventures.
  • Season 2 (Episodes 52-102): Asta and the Black Bulls face new challenges, delve deeper into their magical abilities, and participate in exciting tournaments.
  • Season 3 (Episodes 103-154): The stakes get higher as Asta and his allies confront powerful enemies and uncover the mysteries of the devil's magic.
  • Season 4 (Episodes 155-170): The final season (as of June 2024) delivers thrilling battles, and character growth, and sets the stage for the future of the Black Clover world.

Binge-Worthy or Savoring the Journey?

Whether you're a seasoned anime viewer or a newcomer to the magical realm of Black Clover, the 170-episode journey offers a delightful mix of action, humor, and character development. You can choose to devour the episodes in a satisfying binge or savor them at your own pace.

Final Thought

Black Clover's 170 episodes provide a captivating adventure filled with magic, determination, and the power of friendship. So, grab your grimoire (or your favorite streaming device) and prepare to be enthralled by Asta's journey!


  • Is Black Clover finished?

The anime concluded with season 4 in March 2021. However, the Black Clover manga continues the story beyond the events of the anime.

  • Where can I watch Black Clover?

Black Clover is available on several streaming platforms, including Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix (depending on your region).

  • Will there be a season 5 of Black Clover?

As of June 2024, there's no official confirmation of a season 5. However, the ongoing manga and the anime's popularity leave room for the possibility of future adaptations.

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