Is "Dr. Stone: Ryusui" Canon?


"Dr. Stone," a popular manga and anime series, has captivated audiences with its unique blend of science and adventure. Created by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi, the series follows the story of Senku Ishigami, a scientific genius, who aims to rebuild civilization after a mysterious event petrifies humanity. Within this expansive universe, various spin-offs and special episodes have been created, one of which is "Dr. Stone: Ryusui." This article delves into whether "Dr. Stone: Ryusui" is considered canon within the "Dr. Stone" series.

Understanding Canon in "Dr. Stone"

Before diving into the specifics of "Dr. Stone: Ryusui," it's essential to understand what canon means in the context of a series. Canon refers to the material that is officially part of the story in the fictional universe. For "Dr. Stone," this primarily includes the original manga and its direct anime adaptations. Any additional content, like spin-offs or special episodes, must align with the main storyline and be acknowledged by the creators to be considered canon.

Overview of "Dr. Stone: Ryusui"

"Dr. Stone: Ryusui" is a special anime episode that was announced to bridge the gap between the second and third seasons of the main anime series. This special episode focuses on the character Ryusui Nanami, a pivotal figure in the series known for his sailing skills and charismatic personality. Ryusui's introduction and development are crucial for the next phase of the story, where the characters venture into new territories and face greater challenges.

The Importance of Ryusui Nanami

Ryusui Nanami first appears in the manga during the "Age of Exploration" arc. He is a wealthy and skilled navigator who plays a significant role in the group's quest to discover new lands and gather essential resources. His inclusion in the special episode underscores his importance to the overall plot, making "Dr. Stone: Ryusui" a significant piece of the narrative puzzle.

Official Recognition and Continuity

One of the primary factors determining whether "Dr. Stone: Ryusui" is canon is its recognition and integration into the main storyline by the original creators. The special episode was produced by TMS Entertainment, the same studio responsible for the main anime series, and it follows the storyline outlined in the manga. This consistency in production and narrative alignment strongly indicates that "Dr. Stone: Ryusui" is canon.

Fan and Critical Reception

The reception of "Dr. Stone: Ryusui" by fans and critics also plays a role in its canonical status. Fans of the series generally consider it a seamless addition to the story, appreciating the depth it adds to Ryusui's character and the overall plot. Critics have praised its animation quality, storytelling, and adherence to the original manga, further cementing its place within the "Dr. Stone" universe.


In conclusion, "Dr. Stone: Ryusui" is considered canon within the "Dr. Stone" series. Its production by the same studio, alignment with the manga's storyline, and recognition by fans and critics all contribute to its canonical status. As a special episode, it enriches the narrative and provides essential context for Ryusui Nanami's character, making it a must-watch for fans of the series. By understanding the criteria for canon and analyzing "Dr. Stone: Ryusui" through this lens, it's clear that this special episode is an integral part of the "Dr. Stone" universe.

Final Thoughts

For enthusiasts of "Dr. Stone," exploring "Dr. Stone: Ryusui" offers a deeper appreciation of the series' intricate world-building and character development. As the series continues to evolve, special episodes like this play a crucial role in expanding the narrative and enhancing the overall viewing experience.

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