Who killed the Elves in Black Clover?

Who Killed the Elves in "Black Clover"?

Who Killed the Elves in "Black Clover"?

The massacre of the Elves is a crucial plot point in "Black CloverBlack Clover," significantly influencing the story's direction and character motivations. Here’s a detailed explanation of who was responsible for the tragedy and how it unfolded.

The Elf Massacre

The Elves, a powerful and peaceful race known for their deep connection to magic and nature, were nearly annihilated on the night of Licht and Tetia's wedding. This event was initially believed to be an unprovoked attack by humans.

The Real Culprit: Zagred

The true orchestrator of the massacre was Zagred, a malevolent demon. His plan involved manipulating the events to turn the Elves against humans and harvest their powerful magic for his own purposes.

Zagred's Manipulation

  1. Disguise and Deceit: Disguised as a human, Zagred sowed discord between the Elves and humans, fostering distrust and fear.
  2. The Attack: On the wedding night, Zagred used forbidden magic to slaughter the Elves. This act was made to appear as if humans were responsible.
  3. Reincarnation Spell: Zagred cast a spell that reincarnated the souls of the slain Elves into human bodies. This spell ensured that the reincarnated Elves retained their memories and harbored a deep resentment towards humans.

Unveiling the Truth

As the series progresses, key characters like Asta and Yuno uncover the truth about Zagred’s involvement. They learn that the demon manipulated events to provoke conflict and chaos, ultimately aiming to manifest in the physical world.

The Battle Against Zagred

In a climactic confrontation, the Magic Knights and the reincarnated Elves join forces to defeat Zagred. This battle showcases their combined strength and resolves the misunderstanding that led to the Elves' initial hatred of humans.


The massacre of the Elves in "Black Clover" was orchestrated by the demon Zagred, who used deception and forbidden magic to achieve his goals. This pivotal event is central to the series' narrative, driving much of the conflict and character development that follows.

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