Will Luffy Destroy Fishman Island?

Will Luffy Destroy Fishman Island?

In the world of One Piece, prophecies and mysteries abound. One such obscure prophecy is dedicated to Monkey D. Luffy and the destruction of Fishman Island. Once on Fishman Island, there was a fortune-teller named Madam Shyarly who said that Luffy would be the one to destroy the island. However, is this an actual prophecy of the calamity, or is there something else? So, let’s have a look at this rather picturesque example of a great foreshadowing plot device.

A Shocking Revelation: The "Destruction" Foretold

In the Fishman Island arc, Luffy fights against enemies trying to enslave fishmen and force them to attack humans. Shyarly’s prophecy comes to light, causing some sort of disturbance in the plot of the story. It is quite shocking when one of the main characters, who is regarded as a hero, Luffy, is to blame for the destruction of Fishman Island.

Looking Beyond the Surface: A Prophetic Twist

While the prophecy seems ominous at first glance, there are hints that it might not be a literal prediction of devastation. Here are some alternative interpretations:

  • The Destruction of the Old Order: Fishman Island is steeped in prejudice and isolation. Luffy's actions, including defeating Hody Jones and exposing the corruption, could be seen as a symbolic destruction of the oppressive system.

  • The Rise of Fishman Island: Perhaps the "destruction" signifies the breaking down of barriers that isolate Fishman Island. Luffy's victory paves the way for a new era of equality and connection with the surface world.

  • The Unknown Future: One Piece is known for its surprising twists. The true meaning of the prophecy might not be revealed until much later in the story.

A Beacon of Hope: Luffy, the Unlikely Destroyer

Throughout One Piece, Luffy has championed freedom, justice, and unity. It's highly unlikely that he would intentionally destroy Fishman Island, a place he came to protect.

Final Thought

The statement that Luffy is going to destroy Fishman Island might be perceived as a symbol of turning rather than an indication of actual destruction. Luffy’s actions ultimately may open up a new future for Fishman Island people and the island in general.


  • What evidence suggests the prophecy isn't literal?

Luffy's character and actions throughout One Piece portray him as a protector, not a destroyer. Additionally, the ambiguous wording of the prophecy itself leaves room for interpretation.

  • What are some possible positive outcomes of the "destruction"?

The destruction could symbolize the breaking down of walls between Fishman Island and the surface world, fostering a new era of unity and equality.

  • Will we learn the true meaning of the prophecy later?

Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, is known for weaving long-term narratives. The full meaning of the prophecy might be revealed much later in the series.

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