Kaiju No. 8: Your Guide to the Monster-Slaying Frenzy (with Anime Details!)

Kaiju No. 8: Your Guide to the Monster-Slaying Frenzy (with Anime Details!)

Kaiju No. 8 (Monster #8) has taken the world by storm! This action-packed series follows Kafka Hibino, an ordinary man with a monstrous secret, as he joins the thrilling world of monster hunting. If you're eager to witness Kafka's transformation and see him fight alongside the Defense Force, here's your ultimate guide:

Where to Watch the Kaiju No. 8 Anime:

The specific platforms to watch the Kaiju No. 8 anime depend on your location. However, we have good news! The animation studio behind the series is officially confirmed to be Production I.G, known for its work on popular anime like Ghost in the Shell and Psycho-Pass. While official streaming details are still rolling out, there's a high chance you can catch Kaiju No. 8 on popular services like Crunchyroll. (Will Kaiju No. 8 be on Crunchyroll? There's a strong possibility!)

How Many Chapters and Volumes Does Kaiju No. 8 Have?

As of June 3, 2024, Kaiju No. 8 boasts a whopping 12 volumes in Japan, with new chapters released weekly every Sunday on Shueisha's Shonen Jump+ app and website. Viz Media handles the official English release in North America, so you can enjoy the manga in both formats.

Is Kaiju No. 8 Weekly?

Yes! Kaiju No. 8 follows a weekly release schedule, keeping fans on the edge of their seats with consistent action and story progression.

Where to Read Kaiju No. 8?

You can officially devour the Kaiju No. 8 manga in two ways:

  • Shonen Jump+ app and website: Dive into the original Japanese version on Shueisha's platform.
  • Viz Media: Catch up on the English translation through Viz Media, perfect for English readers.

Does Kaiju No. 8 Have a Light Novel?

Currently, Kaiju No. 8 exists solely as a manga series. There's no light novel adaptation at this time.

When Did Kaiju No. 8 Come Out?

The Kaiju No. 8 manga began its monstrous journey in 2020.

So, with Production I.G at the helm of the anime adaptation, Kaiju No. 8 is poised to be a monster hit! Dive into the world, watch the anime (available soon!), and join Kafka on his monstrous journey – you won't regret it!

Kaiju No. 8 release schedule

Episode 1 - 'The Man Who Became a Kaiju' (April 13, 2024)
Episode 2 - 'The Kaiju Who Defeats Kaiju' (April 20, 2024)
Episode 3 - 'Revenge Match' (April 27, 2024)
Episode 4 - 'Fortitude 9.8' (May 4, 2024)
Episode 5 - 'Joining Up!' (May 11, 2024)
Episode 6 - 'Sagamihara Neutralization Operation at Daybreak' (May 18, 2024)
Episode 7 - Title TBC (May 25, 2024)
Episode 8-  Kafka vs Hoshina (Jun 1, 2024)
Episode 9- (Jun 8, 2024)
Episode 10- (Jun 15, 2024)
Episode 11- (Jun 22 , 2024)
Episode 12- (Jun 29, 2024)

How many episodes will Kaiju No. 8 have?

Kaiju N0. 8 premiere aired we got confirmation that this first season would consist of 12 episodes.

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