How did Naruto change Nagato’s mind?

Naruto changed Nagato's mind through empathy, understanding, and unwavering belief in his own ninja way.

How did Naruto change Nagato’s mind?

  • Empathy and Understanding: Naruto listened to Nagato's tragic past and acknowledged his pain, showing him that he understood where Nagato's hatred stemmed from. This connection helped Nagato see Naruto as more than just an enemy.
  • Unwavering Belief: Naruto's refusal to give up on his dream of peace and his determination to find a better way, even after experiencing great loss, resonated with Nagato. It reminded him of his youthful ideals and the hope he had once held for the world.
  • Talk no Jutsu: Naruto's ability to connect with people on an emotional level and make them question their own beliefs played a significant role. He made Nagato reconsider the path he had chosen and question whether violence was the only answer.

By demonstrating empathy, unwavering faith in his ideals, and his refusal to succumb to hatred, Naruto ultimately rekindled Nagato's hope and made him believe in a different path. This led Nagato to use Rinnegan's power to revive those he had killed in Konoha, sacrificing himself in the process.

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