Does Naruto know Mitsuki is Orochimaru's son?

Does Naruto know Mitsuki is Orochimaru's son?

Naruto universe is what is characterized by the strong accents on bonds and loyalty. This is the case, especially with Naruto Uzumaki, the Hokage of Konohagakure, who holds great regard for his bondages. But there's one complex connection that throws a curveball: This story revolves around Naruto’s friendship with Mitsuki, a young shy ninja with origins that will leave you surprised. What about the truth about Mitsuki’s identity, does Naruto have any idea about it?

A Shadowy Past: The Son of Orochimaru

Mitsuki is a synthetic human developed by Orochimaru, one of the most vile antagonists that Naruto has faced in his journey. Orochimaru, the villain from the show famed for his experimentation of the forbidden technique, created Mitsuki by specially mixing his genetic component. The character of Mitsuki is presented as one who struggles with the understanding of who he is and for what reason during the series of Boruto.

Secrets Unraveled: Naruto Learns the Truth

The revelation of Mitsuki's parentage arrives at a pivotal moment in Boruto: Naruto's Next Generations. Naruto, alongside other Konohagakure leaders, discovers the truth about Mitsuki's origins. This creates a tense situation, as Orochimaru's past actions cast a long shadow.

Understanding Over Fear: Naruto's Choice

Naruto who was surprised by this revelation is indeed entitled to this for he has always supported the principle of ‘second chances’. He knows that Mitsuki possesses his own personality/will and accepts him as a person even though Orochimaru created him. Their relationship prospers due to Naruto’s traits like compassion and faith in Mitsuki.

A Relationship Built on Trust

While the truth about Mitsuki's origins presents a challenge, Naruto's choice to accept him strengthens their bond. Mitsuki becomes a valued member of Team 7 alongside Boruto and Sarada, proving that loyalty and friendship can transcend past conflicts.

Final Thought

Naruto's acceptance of Mitsuki, despite his complicated origins, exemplifies the core message of the Naruto universe: the importance of understanding and fostering trust over succumbing to fear and prejudice. Their relationship becomes a testament to the power of forging one's own path, regardless of one's past.


  • How does Mitsuki feel about being Orochimaru's son?

Mitsuki initially struggles with his identity as Orochimaru's creation. However, he eventually comes to terms with his past and strives to define himself through his own actions and choices.

  • Does Naruto's relationship with Mitsuki change after he learns the truth?

There's an initial period of adjustment, but Naruto ultimately accepts Mitsuki and their bond becomes even stronger.

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