Did Zoro's Sword Break Against Ryuma?

Did Zoro's Sword Break Against Ryuma?

In the epic world of "One Piece," the clash between Roronoa Zoro and the legendary samurai Ryuma is one of the most memorable battles. Fans often wonder about the fate of Zoro's sword in this intense duel. Did Zoro's sword break against Ryuma? Let's delve into the details of this iconic fight and uncover the truth.

The Battle Between Zoro and Ryuma

The encounter between Zoro and Ryuma takes place in the Thriller Bark arc of "One Piece." Ryuma, a renowned samurai from Wano Country, is resurrected as a zombie warrior by Gecko Moria. Zoro, a swordsman with a dream of becoming the world's greatest, faces Ryuma in a showdown that tests his skill and resolve.

The Sword Clash: Yubashiri vs. Shusui

During the battle, Zoro wields his three swords, one of which is Yubashiri, a treasured blade. Ryuma, on the other hand, fights with Shusui, a black blade with immense power. The two swordsmen engage in a fierce exchange, showcasing their mastery and strength.

Did Zoro's Sword Break?

As the duel reaches its climax, the intensity of their clashes puts a tremendous strain on Zoro's swords. However, it is not Ryuma who directly breaks one of Zoro's swords. Instead, the blade that meets its end is Yubashiri, which is later destroyed by Shu, a Marine captain with the Rust-Rust Fruit ability. This happens after the battle with Ryuma, during the Buster Call at Enies Lobby.

Ryuma's Defeat and the Gift of Shusui

In their fight, Zoro proves his mettle by defeating Ryuma. Recognizing Zoro's skill and honor, Ryuma bequeaths Shusui to him as a mark of respect. Shusui, a sword of great historical and cultural significance, becomes a valuable addition to Zoro's arsenal.


To summarize, Zoro's sword did not break against Ryuma during their battle. The legendary samurai acknowledged Zoro's prowess and rewarded him with Shusui, further cementing Zoro's path to becoming the greatest swordsman. The legacy of this battle continues to resonate with "One Piece" fans, highlighting the significance of honor, skill, and the unbreakable spirit of a true swordsman.

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